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Heat Transfer Fluid

Air-conditioning : Ice thermal storage systems, solar power collection systems, thermo-hygrostats, and small air conditioners
Industrial : Cooling and heating systems
Low-temperature and freezing systems : Freezing, low-temperature warehouses, and food vacuum drying systems
LNG storage : LNG carriers, LNG tanks, and LNG FPSO ships


SOLARICE Series Features
Prevents freezing with high-purity material
Excellent heat conductivity by controlling bubbles in fluid flow
Excellent heat conductivity by controlling the film that forms on the heat transfer surface
No foreign material formed by reacting with hard-water component
Propylene glycol–type heat transfer fluid is safe for the human body
Use temperature : -45~95℃

  • Reference
  • Korea Gas Corporation, Samsung Heavy Industry, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, and Hyundai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Heat Transfer Fluid Features
Boasts high heat transfer by preventing the film that forms on the heat transfer surface.
Has excellent oxidation and heat stability in high temperatures.
Designed for different operational conditions.

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