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High performance HD coolant (For heavy vehicle)
The high performance HD coolant is a SCA level 0.7(SCA Units per Liter) product and meets the ASTMD 6210 standard requiring its life cycle of 3 years or 6,000 hours (200,000km).
Its excellence in anti-corrosion at cylinder and liner in engines of heavy vehicles highly performs for plastic, rubber, and nonmetallic items.
The product meets the life-long coolant standards of Hyundai & KIA, Renault, Ssangyong and GM.

High performance HD coolant (For heavy vehicle)

Release the heat caused by combustion and friction in engine of vehicle.
Freeze protection for cooling system in Winter.
Boiling protection of engine coolant in Summer.
Anti-corrosion for metallic items in cooling systems.
Anti-corrosion for plastic tank, rubber hose, and non-metallic items.

  • Effects
  • Prevention for cavitation and erosion
  • The Crown coolant prevents cavitation frequently caused in an aluminum head of engine and engine block.
  • Anti-rust and Anti-corrosion
  • General coolant meets a standard when the 30% concentrated coolant performs the anti-corrosion, whereas the high performance Crown coolant shows the same effect with only 20%.
  • Anti-rust and Anti-corrosion.
  • No core-closure phenomenon by preventing corrosion product, fur forms, and reaction to hard water for radiators and highly performs the cooling by preventing bubbles.

  • Test results (Cavitation corrosion)

  • Precautions
  • 1 Improper concentration- low concentration (below 30%) use (freeze, corrosion), high concentration (over 70%) use (decrease in freeze prevention and cooling efficiency)
  • 2 Unwise customers- corrosion and precipitation caused by low and bad quality coolant
  • 3 Non periodical exchange- weakening anti-corrosion effects after its life cycle leads corrosion and precipitation.
  • 4 Improper water- the water with hardness components weakens anti-corrosion effects and causes precipitation.
  • 5 Foreign substance input- weakening anti-corrosion effects by inflowing oil and acid material and causing swelling for seal-related items and leakage.
  • 6 Mixed coolant use- highly recommend the same coolant or the same type product (A/S genuine parts) when exchanging the coolant due to the prevention precipitation and low anti-corrosion performance causing problems in cooling systems and items related.