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Battery System Coolant for Electric Vehicle
The exchange cycle of battery system coolant is 3 years or 60,000km.
It is developed by applying the particular inhibitor for high insulating performance.
The excellence in anti-corrosion for metal or non-metal(plastics, rubbers) parts.
This product meets the battery system coolant standards of Hyundai & KIA.

Battery System Coolant for Electric Vehicle

Cooling the heat caused in battery, motor and inverter of electric vehicle.
Freeze protection for cooling system at low temperature (below -36).
Boiling protection of coolant in Summer.
Anti-corrosion for metal parts in battery cooling systems.
Anti-corrosion for plastic tank, rubber hose, and non-metal parts.

  • Effects
  • The battery system coolant is developed to cool the heat caused in high voltage battery, it shall be used for only electric vehicles including hybrid.
  • Compare to engine coolant, battery system coolant has higher electric insulation. (passed through electrical insulation test) Also, passed battery cell fire risk test.
  • The cold start is available with the condition of below -36℃ freezing point in low temperature regions
  • It has anti-corrosion performance is excellence in the current applied metallic items in the battery system.
  • Battery system coolant has excellent anti-corrosion performance in the current applied metal parts.

  • Test results (Cavitation corrosion)

  • Precautions
  • 1 Improper concentration- If you use low concentration (below 30%) It might occur freeze of coolant and corrosion.
    - If you high concentration (over 70%) it might decrease in freezing point and cooling efficiency.
  • 2 Use other coolant- If use other coolant or low quality coolant it might corrosion or precipitate.
  • 3 Exchange cycle- If do not follow the exchange cycle, would corrosion of parts in fuel cell system or precipitate.
  • 4 Improper water- The water with hardness components weakens anti-corrosion effects and causes precipitate.
  • 5 Foreign substance input- weakening anti-corrosion effects by inflowing oil and acid material and causing swelling for seal-related parts and leakage.
  • 6 Mixed other coolant- Highly recommend the same coolant (A/S genuine parts) when exchanging the battery system coolant. Use other coolant would precipitate of low anti-corrosion performance.