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Four-season antifreeze
Four-season antifreeze has two years or 40,000 km of life cycle suitable for all automobiles.
This product has been used as OEM or a genuine part by Korean automobile manufacturers for a long time.
It is highly safe, even with the hard water.
It prevents the aging and oxidation of nonmetallic materials including plastic and rubber.
This product meets the Korean Standard (KS), the Japan Industrial Standard (JIS), and the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards.

High-quality antifreeze

Features of Antifreeze
Emits the heat generated from the combustion and friction of automobile engines Cooling
Prevents the freezing and busting of coolers in the winter Freezing prevention
Prevents the boiling of engine coolants in the summer Boiling prevention
Prevents the corrosion of metal-based cooling devices Metal corrosion prevention
Prevents the aging and oxidation of nonmetallic materials including plastic tank and rubber hose Nonmetallic material protection

  • Effects
  • Cavitation and erosion prevention- Crown antifreeze prevents cavitation erosion easily found on the aluminum engine head and block.
  • Excellent rust and corrosion prevention- General antifreeze offers corrosion prevention with 30% or higher concentration, but Crown antifreeze is a high-performance product that offers corrosion prevention with at least 20% concentration.
  • Excellent rust and corrosion prevention- It prevents the generation of corrosion products, fur, and reaction precipitates to keep the core of the radiator open while maximizing the cooling function by preventing the formation of bubbles.

  • Experimental Results

  • Cautions
  • 1 Wrong concentration- Low concentration (30% or less: freezing or corrosion); high concentration (70% or more: reduced freezing prevention and cooling)
  • 2 Wrong choice- Corrosion and precipitation due to a low-quality antifreeze
  • 3 No regular replacement- After a certain period, the metal corrosion prevention effect is diminished, resulting in corrosion and high precipitation.
  • 4 Wrong choice of water- Water that contains much hardness component may cause precipitation and diminished corrosion prevention.
  • 5 Foreign matters- If an oil or acid material is added, metal corrosion is not prevented and the seals are excessively swollen, resulting in leakage.
  • 6 Mixture of different antifreezes- It is recommended to refill or replace the antifreeze with the same product or type (genuine part) because mixing different antifreezes may cause reduced corrosion prevention, shorter life cycle, and corrosion of the components of coolers.